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Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Mark Anthony Smith.

I'm a Media Producer and VoiceOver Artist creating content for individuals and businesses.


I have produced projects for a wide variety of clients including a High End Broadcast TV Pitch to the BBC. 


I work solo or with various partners to bring whatever you imagine to the table. 

I pride myself on delivering your media quickly and professionally, helping you to share your stories, passionately, clearly and effectively. 

Please feel free to contact me,


I'd love to hear from you.


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Joseph Hayton Sculptor

Award Winning Sculptor Joseph Hayton shares his passion for sculpting, demonstrating amazing talents through the pieces

he creates.

"Mark's relaxed attitude makes it easy to chat and discuss your work and business on camera.

I was surprised how quick the whole process was. Mark was a pleasure to work with." Jonathan Hayton

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Cooper Wilson

Animal Communicator

Cooper Wilson Animal Communicator & horse whisperer talks candidly about his life and his powers of communication.

Mark is a very experienced film director, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Cooper Wilson. 

Jonathan Sherwood Sherwood Carving 

Jonathan Sherwood has created chainsaw carvings for over 10 years. His unique sculptures demonstrate his passion and talent for his work.  

"Mark's created a great video and has managed it professionally in a short space

of time. His passion for people and business was great to see." 

Johnathan Sherwood. 

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Lisa Bowerman

Stump Cross Caverns 

Lisa Bowerman, owner of Stump Cross Caverns tells her story of how she has managed to save her business after lockdown.

"Mark was a pleasure to work with. He created a lovely video which we have been able to use to communicate our passion for Stump Cross Caverns."

Lisa Bowerman. 

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Rachel Elnaugh Entrepreneur

Rachel Elnaugh. 

The former Dragons Den multi-millionaire shares her secrets on how to live life with abundance.

"Mark's professionalism and dedication to his craft sets him above the rest."

Rachael Elnaugh


Professor Ursula James Hypnotherapist

Ursula James has been a clinical and medical hypnotherapist for 30 years.

She is also a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School.


" A wonderful interview."

Ursula James