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A mellow voice, with a comforting tone and appealing English clarity.

My name is Mark Anthony Smith.

I produce broadcast quality voice promotions to seamlessly integrate with your media strategy.


My voice is calming and mellow, with a comforting tone and appealing English clarity. I have been described as being a natural storyteller with an 

ability to create likeable characters. 

People have praised me for my passion, diligence and knowledge.

I have completed numerous media projects and continue to thrive on delivering engaging promotions for all. 


I pride myself on ensuring my clients receive their audio files quick and easy with fast delivery in WAV or MP3 format. 

Why not send your script sample today to hear a short clip prior to booking? 

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Smith - M - corporate VOICEREEL

More about Mark


I have made the transition into voiceover after working as a teacher of Theatre, Drama and Media for more than 25 years.


As a voiceover artist I have a keen eye and ear for detail. I am passionate about performance and continue to develop my vocal and physical skills, maintaining the quality and clarity needed to deliver professional standards on time, every time.

I graduated from Dartington College of Arts, University of Plymouth gaining a 2:1 honours degree in Theatre with Arts Management, thereafter completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with the University of Leeds. 


Smith - M - commercial VOICEREEL

I have worked across Yorkshire teaching Drama and Theatre Arts to a wide variety of students, specialising in vocal and physical performance in production.


My training and teaching utilises a full vocal and physical repertoire based on classical and contemporary acting techniques.    

In addition to my voiceover projects, my passions include: history, heritage, genealogy and dog walking. I'm at my happiest when soaking up heritage trails across the beautiful county of North Yorkshire or immersed in a Professor Alice Robert's documentary. 

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