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Hi thanks for stopping by, my name is Mark Anthony Smith I'm a Voiceover Artist, Producer, director and Guide.

I began my professional journey in 1992 after graduating from Dartington College of Arts, University of Plymouth in Devon with a combined honours degree in Theatre with Arts Management.

I have worked on a number of solo and collaborative projects in varied roles. 


Please take a look at my portfolio and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Look forward to hearing from you. Mark. 


 My Story 


Here's a little story from my birth:


I was born on the 6th January 1966 at home in The Forest of Knaresborough, a stone's throw from Knaresborough House. The doctor had to be called out extremely early in the morning at 2 O'clock to my distressed mother Evelyn, who had been stretching to take down the Christmas decorations and believed she had unknowingly caused the umbilical cord to be stretched twice around my neck. (Known as a Nuchal Cord. Nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around baby’s neck 360 degrees during pregnancy and/or labor.)


The doctor  arrived and quickly attended to the delivery, he told my mother not to push as it could kill me. My mother was in a lot of pain and must have been shocked to hear that. She held back the temptation to push whilst he began to slip the cord from around my neck.

This was the story my mother always told with me. It is something special we shared during her lifetime.


We all have special family stories . Some simple, some emotional, some happy, some very sad. It is important that we share our stories, to record the lives lived and the memories of our love ones, both past and present. In many ways we do this already, through the internet, social media and when we talk . But those special stories the ones you keep hidden away, maybe too emotional or sensitive to share. Those are the ones you should tell, because it's those stories that make us who we are. 


My passion is drama, I have worked on a wide variety of projects both big and small and have produced, performed and taught drama for over 32 years. I love being creative, telling stories and take pride in sharing that with people. History is another passion of mine, I love nothing more than being involved in research and creative projects, uncovering our past and discovering more about who we really are.


Combined Honours Degree in Theatre with Arts Management, University of Plymouth.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Drama Specialist, University of Leeds.

Voiceover, Producer, Director & Guide