Mark's Short Biography

Mark’s Short Biography.

As a young boy I was always interested in drama. I loved performing at school and would always love being the centre of attention, at the age of 12 my mum and I were extras in a Walt Disney film, shot on location in North Yorkshire.

Mum had been asked if she’d like to be in the film whilst out with friends, she laughed as she thought it was a strange chat-up line at the time, but it turned out to be true. We were to change into costume at the Valley Garden’s Pavilions in Harrogate and were taken daily to location by coach. Whilst on location I was mistaken for the lead-boy as I looked just like him and then was asked if I could play his stand-in, which I did for the remainder of our time on the film. One of our most cherished memories on the film was meeting Alastair Sim, a wonderful character and quite the gentleman.

Escape From The Dark (Littlest Horse Thieves - American Title)

Drama was defiantly my favourite subject, however after leaving school I went on to work in a variety of roles including Catering, Hairdressing and then finally returning to college to study Performing Arts in 1990.

I loved performing and worked with a talented bunch of people at Harrogate College of Arts creating many memorable roles and plays for public performance at Harrogate Theatre and the College Studio.

In my first year at Harrogate college I had ambitions for University and chose the course I wanted to go on without a single academic qualification to my name. In 1992 after completing three wonderful years, two on my performing arts course, and one in preparation, taking five GCSE’s, a requirement to get on the course; I finally auditioned for Dartington College of Arts in Devon. I submitted a video interview and performance on VHS tape, recorded edited and carefully packed by myself; I waited for almost two months before I got the reply. I won a place to Dartington! I was over-the-moon! Dartington had a reputation for experimental theatre and was way-ahead of the other colleges both in this country and across the world. I spent three happy years studying at Dartington creating amazing theatre and training with some truly inspirational lecturers, students and theatre companies such as Complicite. ( I also played Rugby for Totnes, which helped to keep me in top shape)

In my final year I produced an interactive play 'Raspberry' by Tony Marchant and a wrote and directed short film 'Brothers' shot on location across Devon. I studied film production with Yorkshire Television on A Touch of Frost and briefly on Heartbeat, working in drama production on locations across Yorkshire.

After leaving Dartinton with a 2:1 Honours Degree in Theatre with Arts Management I went on to teach drama first with Ashville College Harrogate then I completed my PGCE at Bretton Hall College, and continued to teach across Yorkshire in secondary education. I taught for over 30 years and had some fun-times and worked with some amazing drama teachers and students, some who have now gone on to star in TV and Film.

I have now, however reached an age where I want to be more independent and spend my time developing the skills I have acquired in my life. I have therefore decided once again to follow my performance skills taking up: Acting, Voice Acting, Directing, Producing and working within supporting industry roles. The Covid supervising opportunity came after lockdown allowing me to use my management skills to help other productions whilst picking up new skills and strengthening my production knowledge. I completed a two day course and to-date have worked on four productions, days and night shoots in Liverpool, Manchester and York.

I love working with a production teams as it allows me to help support the productions whilst placing me at the heart of the drama, being able to monitor the Covid-risk whilst in-turn watching the team at work. It’s a privilege position to have and it will certainly help me to develop my industry contacts.

So moving forward I continue to practice weekly on my voice skills whilst managing my day-to-day schedule. I have established my business and have completed voiceover jobs for varied clients and have also started to build up some video production jobs for local clients too. I’m registered with a London voice over producer who helped me to complete my demo reels and I have now also developed my profile across the web on various social platforms and professional listing sites including: IMDB, Mandy and

So please keep watching, listening and supporting me on my journey. Who knows what I will be doing next? Hopefully something that helps people to thrive and enjoy our crazy world!

Thanks for being here. Mark x

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