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My Crazy History

Updated: May 18

I thought this week, it may be a good idea to give you some context, and talk about myself; Why did I start this journey as a VoiceOver? And what’s my new daily routine like today?

I have worked as a teacher of Theatre, Drama, Media and English for over 25 years. Many of those years have been as a supply teacher, teaching across North and West Yorkshire. I have loved teaching and have enjoyed my time in a wide variety of schools, working with wonderful and wacky students and teachers along the way.

But I have always felt and still do that I need something more. I’m passionate about performance and love drama, and have longed to work professionally, but never seem to have had the opportunity. I have many friends who work in the entertainment profession as crew, producers/ directors and actors and I have followed their careers with interest, wishing I could be with them on their journey.

I have used and developed my skills over the years in the hope of creating something which makes a difference in people’s lives. My latest venture into voiceover has given me the ability to apply the skills I have taught and gained as a student and teacher of drama.

And now at last, I feel able to apply the knowledge and understanding to something I love and control, which is a huge step forward for me as my past has always involved a third party making all the decisions.

Being self-employed is exciting but also scary as everything rests on your shoulders, you are the one to make it all happen. So your skill-set needs to be sharp and ready. Well, now as I move on I hope and pray that: love, luck, talent and perseverance will help me through. I will never give up trying to find my way forward, and will always be open for advice: what was it that Steve Jobs once said?

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." Steve Jobs.

My own media career to date then is as follows:

Produced and directed a full-broadcast TV show, with a £25k budget, filmed on location in North Yorkshire. Pitched to Lindsay Bradbury at the BBC in London. Directed a play at Northern Ballet, Leeds as part of the Northern Spirit Awards.

Developed and run an Independent Film Company - Hi Films, creating a variety of films and corporate videos. Professional broadcast experience with ITV on A Touch of Frost & Heartbeat.

Independent British Voiceover artist Mark1voiceover working remotely from my home studio in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

My daily routine. After breakfast my day always starts with a dog walk. My darling Pippa is my best friend she is now in her 13th year and is breaking me in well.

I arrive back home to about 9.00 to start my daily calls and emails checking in with people who may require voiceover services. This usually continues for around an hour or two depending on the response. It’s the hardest part of my day as I’m not used to cold calling, which is why I’m developing the history blog to create a content marketing approach with short stories and voiceover- highlighting my services and skills.

Voiceover Practice

I practice my voice skills for a couple of hours a day reading scripts, recording and listening back. This allows me to develop the sound whilst improving my vocal technique and technical skills.

I then move on to research and development identifying potential clients and writing posts for my blog. This brings me to lunch. Usually around 1, I have to stop here as I’m starting to feel drained and need to eat :-) Nutrition and health are also now a big part of my routine, I run 3 times a week and eat healthy food.

After lunch is usually filled with catching up on the voiceover networks and further training on the technical skills of voice too. Without becoming overwhelmed it’s quite important to keep up with the technology as it’s always moving and there’s usually something or someone else to consider as I evolve.

I then move back to email marketing and business planning, some days will involve auditioning for voice jobs as they come in; I‘m currently registered with two sites called Bodalgo and Mandy both reputable voiceover sites. This is where most voiceover artist start to build there client base.

Any time I have left in the afternoon will be spent on clients developing and delivering projects. Making sure every project is produced to the best quality, both digitally and physically. I’ve invested in some advanced kit so the quality can be produced precisely; my kit includes:



Preamp: Onyx Producer 2.2

27 inch iMac i19 with Retina display.

Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro headphones.

iPhone 11 Pro Max


Adobe Audition

Final Cut Pro x

FiLMiC Pro

Rode Reporter

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