My VoiceOver journey in 2021

It's been a long while since I wrote a blog post, I have been busy and have been focusing on work so I do have an excuse. So what's been happening? Well, since the big Covid disruption I have been focusing on moving forward while taking on part-time work. One job I've been working on besides the VoiceOver is as a Covid Supervisor on Film and TV. This has been great fun and is helping me to spend some time-out of the studio whilst making valuable contacts.

I've also complete some fun voiceover projects, including one as the voice of David Dimbleby on an upcoming music album and another as a Belgium Monk for a history tour.

In addition to my VoiceOver projects, I've continued to develop the video jobs and have recently complete a series of yoga videos for an actress in Derby. You can see two quick trailers for these on my site.

I love what I do now and I'm very fortunate to be able to focus on creative projects like these.

So what's coming up? Well I'm continuing with the VoiceOver and video, I'm training this week with a London producer and have set out my strategy for the next six months - which includes increasing the amount of VoiceOver auditions I complete each-day, whilst starting to develop content for my website and social media - which is why I've started the blog again.

I'm also continuing with the covid film and tv work as it's my only escape from my booth at the moment and it's a great way to meet broadcast media people.

I will also be adding VoiceOver files to the blog, social media and website to show the types of projects I'm developing and so potential clients can hear the range in my voice.

All of this is quite time-consuming so it's important to develop a balance and remain in control of my lifestyle. I'm starting running again from today, I took time off, something I should not have done as I find it difficult to stay focus and concentrate on the tasks in hand, fitness is a must for anyone.

Finally, I'm also continuing with my local heritage and history online tours. I've been finding out some fascinating stories from local genealogists and through research have begun to formulate some ideas for creating character/narration reels which will be an interesting way to document our heritage, so look out for them and sign-up on the website if you're interested.

That's it for now, if I remember anything I'll pop back and update. Hope to do a blog each two weeks now. Thanks for reading and please check out the rest of my website and the videos.

Bye for now, keep smiling, Mark, :--)

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