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Mark Anthony Smith of Mark1voiceover has created an exciting new project to connect the past and present life in The Royal Forest of Knaresborough. This project aims to build on his research and the history available to us to re-connect the people and places in this beautiful area.


Mark Said: "This period in time has a significant impact on who we are and the way we live today. I want to use this as a reference to explore our lives through a shared understanding and experience, documenting the present whilst looking to the past, and the future of this wonderful place."


The project will tell stories from out past and present life through video, audio and texts. Meeting people and discovering the places that make this area so special. 

Mark is currently looking for support with the project to enable there to be a standalone website packed full of fascinating history, stories and links to  how the area has developed into what we see today.


Mark therefore invites individuals and businesses to connect and tell their stories so we can begin to build a true picture of The Royal Forest of Knaresborough, it's history, people and places. 

If you would like to get involved or wish to know more then please get in touch.  Stories are better shared. 

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