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The Forest of Knaresborough


The Forest of Knaresborough.


For almost five years now I have been researching the history of the Forest of Knaresborough, the stories, people and places that make this area so special. 

It all started as a personal exploration into my own genealogy, then quickly grew into the project I have created today. 


I always knew we lived in a beautiful area and understood that our history was quite interesting. However, it wasn't until I delved into the local history books that I discovered just how interesting it was. The secret stories that I uncovered left me flabbergasted. The characters and locations came alive. Places I thought I knew began to open-up new meaning to me.  I discovered amazing connections with the history of England and unbelievable tales from the real characters and places within this Medieval Forest.

I even found stories that had never been widely mentioned and some which I'd never heard of before. 

The more I found out the more I wanted to know, and the more I knew the more I wanted to tell everyone. Because everyone should know these stories, so we can all appreciate the wonder and beauty of the place we all live. 

I have therefore attempted  to begin to collate these stories and to start to tell them in an interesting way, to make them come alive once more. 

If you have a story of your own why not get in touch?

Stories are beter shared. Many thanks Mark. 


Forest of Knaresborough History Tours
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